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- Also used a lot in commercial applications, The 6" x 6" curb also works great along with gravel or D.G. to create an economical drive way or walking path.   6" h  x  6" w

- Mostly used in commercial applications, the  4" x 6" also works great for residential property line division, as well as retaining decorative rock and D.G.   4" h  x  6" w

     With the utility curbs, you have the option of installing on top of grade, as mentioned above, or a small trench can be dug so as upon completion, the curb will be flush with the top of grade. This type of installation is mostly common among commercial   shopping centers, apartment complexes, and common areas for H.O.A.'s. This also allows for easier mowing with ride-on mowers, and is less of a trip hazard in heavy foot traffic areas.



-  A  Socal favorite, The 6" mower works great for  dividing  turf     and planter areas. Also available in 5" inch width

  6" w  x  4 " h  (rear)   x  2"  h  (front)

      ​With the Decorative Curbs, they are installed on top of grade. Which translates to about 2" inches below top of concrete. Top of concrete  referring  to the top of any existing  drive way, side walk, or patio. When installed correctly, your curbing should be one long piece of concrete, from beginning to end. However if it is not installed correctly, it will shift and move to the point where it looks like a stair case. What causes this  is when the control joints are cut all the way through the  curb. They ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH! This will cause segmenting and drastically reduce the life of your curbing. Not only does CRAZY CURBS cut expansion joints correctly to prevent shifting, we also tool the joint to a smooth 1/2 " inch radius, giving the curb a nice classy touch. This is only one of the areas, where our  attention to detail, outshines the rest. 



An experienced installer would have never placed this curb so close to the base of this growing tree.

- All though The 6" angled curb looks classy and subtle in grey, it is intended to be use with a designer stamp and color release system, creating a  antiqued look , ​after it is sealed.

 6" w  x  4 " h  (rear)   x  2"  h  (front)

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